Auditing and Accounting


The accounting and auditing services are the main core of our firm. The firm specializes in IFRS, US GAAP, and Israeli GAAP. This department provides services to a wide range of private and public companies, non profit organizations, partnerships, governmental institutions, municipalities, and individuals. 

Our team accompanies and consults a variety of clients from all business sectors including industrial, international, commercial, and service companies, as well as high-tech and biotech, hotels and tourism, construction, diamonds, telecommunications, professionals, real estate, and many more.

Our firm received the PCAOB (Public Company Accounting Oversight Board) approval and authorization to report to the SEC (U.S. Security and Exchange Commission), allowing us to engage in audit and sign auditors' reports of public companies traded in the U.S. 

The accounting and auditing services include:

  • Audit and review of financial statements
  • Compilation of financial statements for public companies according to the US GAAP, Israeli GAAP, and IFRS
  • Audit of performance reports to various support funds
  • Consultation on various financial and accounting issues
  • Accompanying privet companies in the process of becoming public issuers
  • Preparation of professional and financial written opinions
  • Professional opinions submitted to court
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